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70s rock bands

In this site about the 70s rock bands and artists, you will step back in time and find some of the greatest 1970s bands and individual musical artists.

Additionally, there may be a little 60s and 80s stuff. Sorry, no disco, just good 70s rock music! You’ll read some interesting rock band history here at our 70s music site. Find some little known 70s music trivia tidbits.  Read some reviews. For those interested in purchasing any of the classic music from this era, there are links to get you to the right place to buy. Additionally, there are a few 70s type ‘stories’ scattered throughout the site.   

Historical Perspective

The early 70s continued the theme established in the late 60s.  Turbulence. First, the Vietnam War finally was starting to wind down, but the effects on society and music were huge. Second, the ‘generation gap’ had widened. Mistrust by youth of the establishment was rampant, fueled by the war, and the Watergate scandal.  Finally, drug use was now commonplace, especially the use of marijuana.

The music reflected this change in society, or perhaps helped to drive the change.  Also, FM radio was becoming more popular and FM stations played many of these bands, when AM radio wouldn’t, for various reasons.  It was a very interesting time. And the music that came out of this time was to stand the test of time, and become ‘classic rock’!

So, ARE YOU READY to step back in time?  In other words, to the days of peace, love, long hair, bell bottoms, incense, scented candles, and non-stop partying?? Peace, and Rock On!

What we are about

A lot of 70’s music sites focus on the ‘pop’ music of the 70’s, and on the disco craze that swept us into the 80’s.  BUT NOT THIS SITE.

Rather, we are about the true rock bands that were the backbone of the 70’s. Many of the bands you read about here were, for a large part ‘FM rock’ bands. Remember those underground FM stations that had very few commercials and played whole albums, or whole sides of albums? Furthermore; these stations also played the long album versions of songs instead of the hacked up, get-ready-for-the-next-commercial versions.  They featured a lot of the bands that you will read about here.

Bands that were just a little (or a lot) too radical for mainstream commercial radio. Bands like The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Jethro Tull.

We also feature some of the mainstream 70s music bands, but the ones that perhaps had a harder edge. Bands like Alice Cooper. Black Oak Arkansas, and others.

This is the kind of 70s rock that a lot of us listened to. If you were a fan of FM rock in the 70s, you will obviously enjoy this site!


We have incorporated links for songs at Spotify throughtout the site.  This is for your enjoyment and we do not earn any revenue when you click on these links.   Many of the links are to ‘deep tracks’, great songs you don’t hear on radio.

Amazon stuff

Most of the pages contain a selection of links to the vinyl or cd music or other merchandise for that band or artist.   Some of the links to vinyl may be for used vinyl, make sure you know what you are buying.  If you are an Amazon Unlimited music membership, you can listen to many of the albums for free.    

Note:  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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