Eric Clapton

A true guitar god! Need we say more?

Well, ok. From the Yardbirds, to Cream, to Derek and the Dominoes, and on to a solo career, Eric Clapton’s music has been with us for well over 30 years. And he keeps getting better with age. He has written and performed many different styles of rock; hard rock, near-country, blues, and more, and it is all good.

Clapton’s real talent has evolved as a blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter in more recent years, although a lot his music has always shown blues influence. He has had his share of personal problems and tragedies, from drug and alcohol problems that lasted for years to the tragic loss of his young son. The latter inspired the poignant ballad, Tears in Heaven.

Clapton’s autobiography is a very good read.   He is very honest about all of the ups and downs in his life, and his long and sometimes difficult journey through life is interesting at least, and spellbinding at most.   Highly recommended