Aerosmith Photos

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Aerosmith 6/16/2012
Tyler helps out on drums
Aerosmith 6/16/2012
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Joe Perry and Steven Tyler
Tyler and Perry
Hamilton and Tyler

About the photos

These Aerosmith photos are from June 16, 2012 at the Target Center in Minneapolis.   This was the first stop on the band’s 2012 summer Global Warming tour.   The opening act was Cheap Trick  Both bands had excellent performances that night.  No one fell off the stage this night.  Aerosmith played all their great stuff and Steven Tyler put on a tremendous show as lead singer.

Amateur photographer Renae Kalina took the Aerosmith photos on this page.  We were in nosebleed seats, but Renae had a little point and shoot camera with a 30x zoom, and it took some surprising photos.

The picture of Tyler and Perry on top of the white grand piano was towards the end of their last song for the night; Dream On.   The photo of Tyler alone on top of the piano and Perry next to the piano was at the very end of the song, and the crowd was absolutely stoked.  All in all, it was a great night of rock from a band that has survived decades of internal strife, drug abuse and addiction, and other situations. 

 Steven Tyler’s autobiography from 2011 is a pretty good read.  It reads the way Tyler talks, at least in some parts.  In it, Tyler talks about his reoccurring problem with drugs and gives some reasons for the problems that will be a surprise to some.  A link to the book is below.  At this time (the time of this writing), you can listen to the audiobook free with an audible trial subscription. 


Buy Aerosmith vinyl at Amazon.  As an Amazon Assoicate I earn from qualifying purchases.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases