Olivia Newton-John

Every red-blooded American boy was in love with Olivia Newton-John in the 70’s. Her fresh looks were matched by her lovely voice in her early years. Later, she changed her image to a little more of a ‘bad girl’ image, but just far enough, for videos like the one for the song Physical. She still maintained the great voice, just the image changed slightly.

One of our alltime favorite singles was her hit, I Honestly Love You. But there were a great many hits along the way. Another favorite is Come On Over.

Then there was her role as Sandy, opposite John Travolta, in the hit movie Grease, release in 1978. Every guy who saw the movie immediately fell in love with those tight black pants, but the music and the movie were great too.

Her collection of hits entitled Magic – The Very Best of Olivia Newton-John contains all of her greats.

Olivia Newton John Passed away on August 8, 2022 after a decades long battle with cancer.  RIP.

NY Times Obituary