The Guess Who

The Guess Who

Burton Cummnings, Randy Bachman, and the rest of the boys formed one of the first and one of the most succesful Canadian invasions onto the American rock scene with a band called The Guess Who. With early hits like These Eyes, they captured our attention, and then they hit us hard with hits like American Woman and Bus rider. This band had a unique style and sound, and unfortunately for us, their original lineup didn’t stay together too long. But they put out a lot of great music!  Randy Bachman went on to Bravebelt, which became BTO.  Burton Cummings had some solo albums. 

Some favorites:

  • No Time
  • American Woman
  • No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
  • Hand Me Down World
  • Bus Rider
  • Share The Land
  • Do You Miss Me Darling?
  • Hang On To Your Life
  • Albert Flasher
  • Rain Dance
  • Pain Train (live)check out the guitar solo in this one
  • Runnin’ Back To Saskatoon (live)
  • Follow Your Daughter Home
  • Star Baby
  • Clap For The Wolfman (one night, this one sounded awesome on a Ford Pinto’s AM radio)
  • Dancin’ Fool

Trivia:  In their song Share the Land, there is a subtle but cool effect that you are more likely to notice with headphones. In the interlude, there are two guitars, one in the right channel and one in the left; As the interlude progresses, each guitar slowly moves to the opposite channel. It’s cool with headphones. Check it out.  I first noticed this one night many years ago after a night of partying.

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