Foriegner was a popular 70s band led by Lou Gramm (vocals) and Mick Jones (guitar).  Another founding member was Ian McDonald.   They made it to the top of the charts with hits like:

  • Feels Like the First Time
  • Cold as Ice
  • Long Long Way From Home
  • Urgent
  • Dirty White Boys
  • Head Games
  • Waiting For A Girl Like You
  • Double Vision
  • Juke Box Hero

Short History

The band was put together in 1976 and included members from both sides of the Atlantic ocean (thus the band’s name???). Their first, self entitled, album was released in early 1977 and became an immediate hit. The band did a lot of touring and continued releasing solid albums.  Foreigner 4 wall perhaps their biggest album.  Arguably, their biggest single was Juke Box Hero, and is definitely a crowd favorite whenever they perform it live.

Unfortunately; as with so many bands, they had a significant turnover in personnel.  Lou Gramm left the band in May of 1990, but returned a couple years later.

Their albums were for the most part solid and had some choice cuts that never made top 40, like Headknocker off their first album.  Another personal favorite off that album is Fool for You Anyway.

I saw Foreigner live in the late 80’s.  Their opening was really cool, it was getting dusk when they came on.  There were two cars (or mockups of the front of the cars); a sixites Mustang one side of the stage and a Camaro on the other.   The concert started with the sounds of these two cars starting and their exhaust rumbling.  Then the headlights of the two cars lit up, but they were powerful spots that shone out on the audience.  As the car’s lights came on, the band hit the stage and started playing.  The start of a great concert.

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