With some assistance and tutelage from the Beatles, Badfinger was kind of the Phoenix that rose out of the Beatle’s ashes. Badfinger consisted originally of Pete Ham, Ron Griffiths, Mike Gibbins and Tom Evans; active from 1968 to 1983. There were even rumors for a while that Badfinger was really the Beatles reunited under a different name. Even though their sound was very similar, this band had plenty of talent to stand on their own.

Favorite Songs:

  • Come and Get It
  • No Matter What
  • Baby Blue
  • Day After Day
  • Maybe Tomorrow

Trivia: Come and Get It was written by Paul McCartney.

Three days before his 28th birthday, on 24 April 1975, Ham committed suicide by hanging himself.

Badfinger performed backup on George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album.


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Baby Blue

Day after Day

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