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70s rock bands

In this site about 70s Music and 70s rock bands and artists, you will step back in time and find some of the greatest 70s bands and individual musical artists.

Additionally, there may be a little 60s and 80s stuff. Sorry, no disco, just good 70s rock music! You’ll read some interesting rock band history here at our 70s music site. Find some little known 70s music trivia tidbits.  Read some reviews.  Also, there are a few 70s type ‘stories’ scattered throughout the site.   

70s Rock – A Decade of Turmoil and Great Rock Bands

The early 70s continued the theme established in the late 60s.  Turbulence. First, the Vietnam War finally was starting to wind down, but the effects on society and music were huge. Second, the ‘generation gap’ had widened. Mistrust by youth of the establishment was rampant, fueled by the war, and the Watergate scandal.  Finally, drug use was now commonplace, especially the use of marijuana and cocaine.

The music reflected this change in society, or perhaps helped to drive the change.  Also, FM radio was becoming more popular and FM stations played many of these bands, when AM radio wouldn’t, for various reasons.  It was a very interesting time. And the music that came out of this time was to stand the test of time, and become ‘classic rock’!

So, ARE YOU READY to step back in time?  Back to the days of peace, love, long hair, bell bottoms, incense, scented candles, and non-stop partying?? Peace, and Rock On!

Rock bands list

The 70s rock bands list for this site is on the right side of this page.  From AC/DC to ZZ Top, there are over 60 bands in the list.  And more to come…

This page contains links to individual pages about many of the best 70s rock bands and artists that were popular during this time.

To summarize, each of the artist pages contain biographical information, the author’s review, trivia, and other information, as well as links merchandise for that band.  In addition, there are also different ways to listen to and purchase each band’s music.  

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