70s Rock Bands - 60+ Bands of the 1970s

This is the 70s Rock Bands list.  Click on a 70s rock band name.

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Rock bands list

The 70s list for this site is on this page.  From AC/DC to ZZ Top, there are over 60 bands in the list.  And more to come…

This page contains links to individual pages about many of the best bands and artists that were popular during this time.

To summarize, each of the artist pages contain biographical information, the author’s review, trivia, and other information, as well as links merchandise for that band.  In addition, there are also different ways to listen to and purchase each band’s music.  

Note:  It is March 2023, a long time since the 70s and a couple years since the last facelift of this site.  So, we are making some updates, the biggest of which is we are adding Spotify links to select artist songs.  For most pages, these links will be to deep tracks off the albums, stuff you may not have heard in a few years.  But some pages have hits and other pages have a mix of hits and deep tracks. Bear with us, this will take some time….  The site remains 100% usable while we make these updates.

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