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Here’s some of our favorites to Play on Amazon Some Hits, some deep tracks, but all good

Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

On the turning away by Pink Floyd

Tales by Uriah Heep

Bleed to Love Her by Fleetwood Mac

Dance Away Lover by Head East

Rain by Uriah Heep

Aqualung by Jethro Tull

Jack in the Green by Jethro Tull

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Why the different color links?

At the time the web page was created the songs marked by blue links were free only for Amazon Music Unlimited customers and the songs marked by yellow links were available for Amazon Prime Customers.  If you are neither, you can follow the links and purchase the music.   The plan that the song is under may have changed over time, so make sure you watch.

Pictures of Home by Deep Purple

Golden Country by REO Speedwagon

157 Riverside Ave by REO Speedwagon

Whiskey Nights by REO Speedwagon

Dreams I’ll Never See by Molly Hatchet

All the Young Girls Love Alice by Elton John

Heart of Gold by Neil Young

Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton

Chain Lightning by .38 Special

Lightning by REO Speedwagon

More to come…..